Pastor Bob Grenier®
Calvary Visalia

A Common Miracle

Do You Want To Know God?

Bob Grenier

I have had the privilege of knowing Bob and Gayle Grenier for many years, on both ministry and personal levels, and can honestly say that they are two very devoted and sincere servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Bob Grenier has been one of my dearest friends, and his story is truly one that brings glory to Jesus Christ. As we all know, any “testimony” that does not center on God’s grace and glory is more about a man and does not really glorify the Lord. In Bob’s case, it is very clear that all glory goes to Jesus for the wonderful work of salvation that He performed in him, and all glory goes to Him for the continuing work that He is performing through Calvary Chapel of Visalia, California. God has done wonderful things through Bob, but as Pastor Chuck says, “The best is yet to come!”
Pastor David Rosales
Calvary Chapel Chino Valley

It has been a blessing and an honor to know Bob and his wife, Gayle Grenier. For many years, they have been a blessing to my wife and me, always demonstrating the love of God in their lives and ministry. As I read his story, I was moved by the incredible love of God in Bob Grenier’s conversion. I saw the hand of God leading and directing Bob’s life all the way through his journey to the cross. I marvel at God’s ways, that they are never our ways. God has a plan for our lives because He loves us so much. God finally captured Bob through His love and mercy, because of this great plan God had for both Bob and Gayle in Visalia, California. We give glory and honor to the Lord for everything He has done and is going to continue to do in the lives of these two servants of God. I pray that many people who read this story will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Pastor Raul Ries
Calvary Chapel Golden Springs

WOW! I have known Bob Grenier and loved him for years — but such a gripping story! I started reading the manuscript, and within 15 minutes, I set everything else aside, turned off my cell phone, and could do nothing else until I was finished.
As I read through it, I was reminded of what Moses said to the children of Israel. “And thou shalt remember all the way which the LORD thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldest keep his commandments or no.” Deuteronomy 8:2 (KJV) How loving and gracious our Lord is to take us, humble us, prove us, show us what is inside and allow us to be used for His glory. And the Lord has done that wonderfully with Bob Grenier. It is also through these processes of our own journey that the Lord uses us as suggested in Deuteronomy 13, “…to be equipped for the battles of life and enter God’s rest.” Bob and Gayle Grenier have been “made ready for battle,” and their message is helping many find Jesus Christ.
I hope that this book finds its way into the hands of many who feel useless, lost and confused in their journey. May they find, as Bob points out, that “Jesus is the main thing,” and that the main thing in life is keeping Jesus just that — THE MAIN THING. May the Lord Jesus bless each reader.
Pastor Don McClure
Calvary Way Ministries

A personal testimony of a life changed by Jesus is a powerful thing in the hands of the Holy Spirit. I am very thankful that Bob Grenier has told his salvation story. May God use it to bless all who read it, instilling hope in human hearts that change is possible, and then leading them to a faith in Jesus, who will then give them their very own salvation story as well.
Pastor Damian Kyle
Calvary Chapel Modesto

Like Paul’s Damascus-road experience, Bob’s entire personality went through mutation upon his own encounter with God. He was turned inside out, as he let Jesus light the recess of his darkened soul. A Common Miracle is a moving narrative of human actions and Divine providence converging all at once at the intersection of despair and desperation in Bob Grenier’s life. This Divine encounter transformed forever his mind, heart, and soul. Bob not only went from darkness to light, but he is and has been ever since, a faithful emissary of this Light — proving, once again, that Jesus chooses the stones He desires to fashion for His purposes.
Pastor Pancho Juarez
Calvary Chapel Montebello

Multitudes will identify with Bob’s childhood religious upbringing. Hopefully, the reader will find a personal relationship with God, as Bob Grenier has. This book is a must-read — for all seekers of truth. It’s easy reading, simple to grasp, and so relational between the writer and the reader. If you need hope, this is the book for you. Bob Grenier weaves a childhood into manhood with shocking openness. Then — when you least expect it — a miracle enters his life and pulls him from self-destruction.
Pastor Mike MacIntosh
Horizon Christian Fellowship San Diego

I would like to take a moment to demonstrate my appreciation for the ministry of Bob and Gayle Grenier. Certainly, this is a genuine couple who exemplify through their lives a true love for the Word of God. In reading Bob’s story, I am impressed with how God has worked in Bob’s life and molded him into the man he has become today. I believe that many who read the story of Bob Grenier’s life, and especially those who are searching for answers to break out of a situation in which they feel trapped, will be encouraged by Bob’s transformation. I strongly encourage you to pick up this book and reflect on his story … and transformation.
Bob Carden, Chief of Police
Visalia, California

I was honored to read your book. To learn about your transformation to Christianity and how you overcame such serious obstacles to achieve success in every aspect of your life is very inspiring. This book is remarkably motivating. Bob Grenier, you have been a true and loyal friend to me for many years now, and I am very thankful for our friendship. I wish you continued success in every path you take.
Bill Wittman, Sheriff
Tulare County, California

Every ministry is important. The poor, the hungry, the sick clearly need actual physical help. They also clearly deserve our compassion and the comfort of God’s Word and our Savior’s promise. Less clear are the ministry needs of Christians in leadership positions in each of our communities across our nation. Pastor Bob Grenier understands the hunger these men and women have for the spiritual strength to face the challenges and overcome the temptations of power. He knows they, too, must seek God’s will in the decisions they make daily that impact so many lives. This book is the documentation of a Christian journey: how one man following God’s will travels from abject sin to ministering to the needs of those in the low places, but also the high. Small gifts can be most precious. Give prayerful thanks for these small touches of Pastor Bob Grenier— the caring for souls that changes lives as it changed mine.
Phil Cline, District Attorney
Tulare County, California