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My pastor while he was here on this earth, was Pastor Chuck Smith. He was a model of what a pastor should be. He set the tone, set the pace, showed us the way, and lived out his faith in the most sincere, real way possible. I along with hundreds and perhaps literally thousands of pastor’s owe what we are today to Pastor Chuck Smith and the ministry that God gave to him, which he gave to us. God could have called me into any other group of Churches, but He placed me within the Churches called Calvary Chapel. And the distinctives that were modeled by Pastor Chuck Smith have been and are the distinctives we practice here at Calvary Visalia. These are transferable and timeless Biblical principles that have and continue to serve us well. We follow that path that God had worked in Pastor Chuck’s life and ministry, and at the same time do it by being who we are and expressing ourselves as we are as individuals. We are not clones of Pastor Chuck Smith, but rather grateful for the Biblical example he lived out before us.

Throughout the years as I would listen to Pastor Chuck Smith teach, he would always use this little expression “WE” in telling stories and such. After a while, I started wondering, who are the “WE” he keeps referencing. Well, it was his sweet wife Kay Smith, who as of this writing October of 2017 is still here with us, waiting to go to Heaven. They were in it together. She was behind him all the way. And he led the way with her helping him with her wisdom and love.

Every time I would see Kay Smith, I felt like I was meeting the Queen of some country. She seemed to remember everyone she met and was always so encouraging and loving. She was like a mother to us all, just as Pastor Chuck was like a father to us all. She has a tremendous legacy that she has passed on to so many women in Calvary Chapel and around the world. So, I have picked up Chuck’s use of “WE” myself now, because Gayle Grenier and I have been and continue serving the Lord together. And WE wish a blessing to any and all who may be reading this right now.

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