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The first time I remember seeing Gayle was her walking right by me, calling out for one of her children. The next time I saw her we were riding together with a bunch of others in the back of a van on our way to a day at the small Bible School we both attended. So, up to this point, the love bug was apparently not around, because I did not feel the bite until sometime later. And, then she was always in my thoughts.

Being a Christian and falling in love was different for me than any previous relationships that I had in the past. One night we were having dinner together at Gayle’s apartment, and I had gotten up the courage to tell her that I liked her. So, she was cleaning up the kitchen, and I was sitting nearby and managed to eek out an “I like you,” statement. As it turns out she did not hear me, and said, something like, “Did you say something?” So, I had to say it all over again and almost died doing so.

I can’t even remember to this day what she said in return, but I think it was something very positive because as I drove home, it felt like my car was just floating above the ground. A day or two later, I called her at about 5:00 AM, and when she answered, (I woke her up) she asked me what was up, and I said something stupid like, “Oh I just wanted to say hello.” The love bug had bitten me real good. We are coming up on 41 years of marriage at the end of January.

Gayle to me was the entire package of a woman I would want to marry. It’s hard for me to pinpoint any one thing about her that I liked, because I was merely in love with her, and lived and thought about her all day and every day with her on my mind. We have had the regular challenges that couples face, and most of them have originated from your’s truly. She has been patient with me, and we have served the Lord together for all these years. I still can’t pinpoint any one thing about her, except to say that, “She is a good Christian Woman.” Gayle has a real relationship with the Lord. I guess now as I think about it, that one of her outstanding characteristic’s is that she can read people much better than I can. So, to say Gayle Grenier has my back is an understatement. She has my back, both sides, and my front. I love her and hope I go to heaven before her because I’m not sure how I would get along without her.

It’s funny how things turn out. For example, I had somehow gotten this notion in my life that I would never marry a woman with kids. I do not know where or how this came into my life. But one thing for sure is that when the love bug bit me, Gayle and the two beautiful little boys she had from her first marriage, Alex and Geoff, were all in one package in my mind. I loved Gayle, and I loved the kids.

So, my earlier thought of never marrying a single mother just left me when I fell in love with her. I loved the boys as my own. And, I determined that I would never call them my “stepsons.” In my mind, I thought that would hurt them. And I did not want them ever to feel that I was anything less than their father. So, we were now a foursome, and life was great. Later on, to our surprise, we had (2) two more sons, Paul and Robert. We stopped there. Gayle Grenier made me go to the doctor to ensure that no more pregnancies would ever surprise us again.

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