Pastor Chuck Smith,
Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

Pastor Bob Grenier®
Calvary Visalia

A Common Miracle

Do You Want To Know God?

Pastor Chuck Smith,
Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

There is nothing so indisputable as a personal testimony. When the blind man who was healed by Jesus was being challenged by the Pharisees, who were seeking to dispute with him over the miracle wrought by Jesus, enabling him to see, he answered them, “One thing I know, that, once I was blind, now I see.” When Peter and John were standing before the council with the once lame man, who was now standing with them, we read, “And seeing the lame man standing with them whole, they could say nothing against it.”

Bob Grenier’s thrilling testimony is of a spiritually blind man who now sees, a man crippled by sin who now walks; it is a powerful and indisputable witness that the power of Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The days of miracles are not over: there is no greater miracle than that of a transformed life.

Pastor Chuck Smith
Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California

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